About Us

Supreme Surface Treatment Engineering are one of the leading suppliers to the Metal Finishing industry.

Our company’s main priority is to provide a fast and efficient service, supplying excellent quality products and solutions which fulfil our clients needs.

We supply bespoke jigging and racking solutions to Anodizers, Electroplaters, Metal treatment specialists and Powder-Coaters. More recently and with excited enthusiasm, we have expanded our CNC capacity and efficiency. We use the latest CAD CAM technologies to produce precision components for many companies in aerospace, agriculture, automotive and food industries.

Utilizing our expertise in both metal finishing technologies and production manufacturing, we work with a range of specialist materials such as Titanium, Stainless Steel and various plastics.

Another area where we excel is in the manufacturing and supply of fasteners - we hold a stock of standard nuts, bolts and washers and we also have the technology to create solutions which meet specific product requirements.


From the humblest of beginnings and after more than six years of working and supplying the industry, Supreme became a registered Limited Company on 18th January 2007. Two years later, the company had developed it’s portfolio of clients to the extent whereby a larger factory was needed. Moving into new premises and more than doubling the companies capacity we have been able to further our endeavours in the machining sector with the purchase of our first Vertical Machining Centre. We now boast a compliment of two 3-axis VMC’s, a 2-axis ‘Chucking’ Lathe and in the final quarter of 2009 we have acquired a 4-axis turning centre with live tooling.

Our business has been built on the manufacturing of a range of specialist jigs to both industry standard and bespoke specifications. In accordance with our commitment to client support and satisfaction we also provide a reconditioning service which is not only cost effective but is also coordinated with our clients, minimizing interruption to their business’s production rate.


Great and getting better.

We know that quality is crucial - our employee’s have been retained not only for their core skills in engineering but also because they have shown that they care about the products they make. We strive to refine our production techniques continuously. The key to being competitive and successful is being as efficient as possible without compromising our high standards.

The clients needs are paramount to us and we will do all that we can to provide the solutions they require. We have developed strong relationships with all our customers and this enables us to differentiate ourselves from the competition - we work with you at all levels - Design, Manufacture, Production and After Sales Support.

Call 01283 529314 and let us facilitate your excellence.