Anodising Umbrella Jig

  • Category: Umbrella Jigs
  • Used for: Anodising
  • Material: Titanium

Standard overall length of jig is 36" (915mm) long, one of the most common of anodising jigs because of it's ease of use and adjustment, for various size's of products also being able to add as many sections(tiers) per jig therefore being able to increase production per load. 30 stations per tier totalling 90 products as main on picture shown but this is easily adaptable to add more middles (um-m) which then adds more tiers to increase more productivity for customers requirements. Do not hesitate and contact us.

Product Codes:

TUMB-T Titanium Umbrella Top
TUMB-M Titanium Umbrella Middle
TUMB-B Titanium Umbrella Bottom
TADJS Titanium Adjustable Stem, Standard 36" Long